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Laser  Therapy

 Laser Therapy Brought To You!
Arthritis Pain 
Skin issues and wounds
Post Operative Treatment
What is it?

Laser therapy (also known as cold laser or low level laser therapy) is a non-invasive, side-effect free treatment that can be used for a variety of common conditions in our pets. Therapy can provide pain relief, decrease inflammation and support better, faster healing.

How does it work?

Therapeutic lasers use light waves to cause photobiomodulation - alteration of cellular and tissue physiology - to stimulate and activate cells promoting growth and repair, release endorphins, relax muscles, decrease inflammation, improve wound healing and provide pain relief. 

Who can benefit from Laser therapy?

There are numerous conditions that can benefit from laser therapy including:

  • chronic arthritis

  • surgical incisions

  • wounds

  • tendon/ligament injuries 

  • skin conditions (dermatitis, hotspots, pododermatitis)

  • ear issues (otitis)

  • anal gland issues (anal sacculitis) 

  • bladder  issues (cystitis)


Laser therapy is a great option for pets that are difficult to medicate or cannot take medications due to other conditions/underlying disease etc and it can also be combined with oral medication treatments.

How is it administered?

We require an exam or referral from your veterinarian to administer laser therapy. Sessions can last from 2 - 30 minutes depending on the type/number of treatments and we do require everyone present in the room to wear cool protective goggles. Some conditions do well with a single treatment while others, particularly chronic issues, require multiple laser treatments. We offer pricing packages for multiple laser treatments!

Contact us today for more information on how laser therapy can help your pet!
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